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Welcome to Unleashed Vizuals


We are a wedding filming company that brings your precious memories to life! So many couples have trusted us to film their special day and that’s such an honor to be apart of. 

We focus on telling a story and we want to tell yours! 

We hope to deliver more than just a “video.” We aim to know who you are, Why you love each other? What matters most to you and your relationship? What special quirks do you share together? 


Whether it be a short film or a long film our objective never changes! We strive to capture your love story!

There are so many moments that occur during the wedding day, when it’s all set and done it may be a blur. 

Let us be the ones to capture those moments on your big day so you can relive it. 


We believe here at Unleashed Vizuals that a wedding film is one of the best investments that you can possibly make. Motion pictures is one of the best ways to reliving your day. Weather it was the tears that were shed, the reception party that lasted all night, or even the raw emotions when the groom sees his bride in her dress for the first time. 


Unleashed Vizuals wants to tell your love story!


Hi there!! My name is Homley and I am the lead Filmmaker, editor and creative director of Unleashed Vizuals. The first time I picked up a camera I was about 10! My mother always made me the person in charge of holding the camera, which resulted in me taking all the pictures and videos at all of our family reunions and birthday parties. I was always the person behind the lens and never in front of the lens. At a young age I relized how much joy can be captured by a click of a button. 

As I got older, I grew a passion for filming. My passion has led me to create some awesome films for amazing couples and clients. Filming has allowed me to meet new creatives and also take me to destinations that I’ve never imaged that I would visit! In my films I try to be creative as possible and bring something new to the table. My clients continue to challenge me with their ideas, I take those ideas and suggestions and implement them in my films. 

Let my team and I tell your story!

About Me

Homley Apollon

Lead Filmmaker & Editor

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